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Koji Katsuragi
The Japanese Chairs

Koji Katsuragi is a craft-man and furniture designer.
He is making Windsor chairs which are based on English style at his workshop in Kyushu, Japan.
His Windsor and Latin slat back chairs (Ladder back chair) also use certain techniques taken from greenwood-working.
By applying these techniques, such as the expansion and contraction of the wood, he can produce fine and strong chairs.
The chairs he designs and sells are a simple, tasteful and timeless design.

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Our workshop is located center of Kyusyu that is southern Japan.
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Oguni, Aso District, Kumamoto 869-2504 Japan

Starting my chair making to participate the bodging project 2012
(from the catalog of the Bodging Project exhibition at the Halley Gallery in the UK 2013)

Making without words

When I read through Chris Eckersly's e-mail last year. I decided to take part in the bodging project in the woods immediately. My chair making is based on green woodworking techniques, and there was no reason to decline his invitation.
It as my opportunity to go to the real site of the green woodworking. This was an unexpected chance for me. I was very happy.

I started my carrier as industrial designer after I graduated from the art university in Tokyo. However, I found that it was not suitable job for me. I love wood, furniture, chairs and wooden products. I thought I could only produce my original furniture if I could start woodworking. So I restarted my dream as an apprenticeship woodworker at the very small workshop. I got a pretty meager salary but I was happy.

I love two types of chair, one is the post-and-rung chair, the other is the Windsor chair. Now, contemporary designed chairs are very popular in Japan. But will most of the contemporary chairs be able to exist ten years in the market? Post-and-rung and Windsor chairs can exist. I am sure.

Originally I thought these chairs have different roots. In December 1997 I invited Tom Thackry to come to Japan, which he did, and conducted his Windsor chair course here. About thirty persons gathered from all part of Japan. Then January 1999, my wife Noriko and I went to Tom's workshop in Doncaster, England, where I learned how to make a double-bow Windsor chair, and Noriko learned how to weave the chair seating. Tom said he had been making the two categories of chair since he was young. So then I understand with surprise; the two types of chair belonged under green woodworking. I decided then that I will produce these chairs continuously. And these chairs have universality.

I had wanted to show my chairs in the UK someday in the future from the time when I started to make the English-style Windsor chair, because the UK is the home of the Windsor chair. And then, I wanted my Windsor chairs to be evaluated by British people, so I had to exhibit in the UK. When in 2010 I was looking for a gallery in the UK through the internet, I found an article about the exhibition 100%Design. So I decided to take part in 100%Design London 2010. I thought many people will see my work than if I have my own exhibition at an ordinary gallery in London. Moreover I thought I would get some business chances at 100%Design.

Gudrun Leitz's woodland workshop was very exciting and interesting and I will never forget it. I confirmed how to make chairs in the green woodworking way. Especially, it is a fantastic memory to work with Gudrun's assistant Paul Morton; his help was very effective for me. I was very glad to understand his advice on chair making - it was not necessary to communicate in words.

Tom Thackray's method was a little bit different from that of Gudrun. Tom used power tools and air-dried timbers; his methods were a little bit more digitized than Gutrun's. Neither Tom or Gudrun used drawings. Gutrun taught me the true way of green woodworking, and Tom showed me the way to make Windsor chairs first. Both ways were very nice for me, I have much appreciated two teachers.

Koji Katsuragi Japan, February 2013


Chairs at the Harley Gallery

Sep 2015
Sitting Firm Chairmakers exhibited Design Junction

Sitting Firm Chairmakers (Birmingham) exhibited Design Junction 2015 include our designed chairs.
Our three Windsor side chairs were placed the inmost, front of the wall.

Chairs at the Harley Gallery

Feb 2015
Participated the 'Bodging Race' at the heal's.

In September 2014, Our chairs and tables was started to sell as the exclusive model at a interior shop Heal's that was established in 1810 in the UK.

Our chairs and table at the Heal's

Sep 2014
Our chairs were started to sell at the heal's.

In September 2014, Our chairs and tables was started to sell as the exclusive model for a interior shop Heal's that was established in 1810 in the UK.

Three Koji Katsuragi chairs

Apr 2014
Our chairs ware started to produce in the UK.

These my chairs can be available from 'Sitting Firm Chairmakers' in Birmingham UK.

Chairs at the Harley Gallery

Jun 2013
Chair exhibition in Nagoya Japan.

We took part in the chair exhibition in Nagoya Japan. Our three chairs were placed on the tatami-mat at the old traditional Japanese house.

Chairs at the Harley Gallery

Mar 2013
The Bodging Project Exhibition at the Harley Gallery

The Bodging Project exhibition was taken place at the Harley Gallery in Welbeck Worksop Nottinghamshire on 27 March - 2 June 2013.
You can see my chair, made by just hond tools from greenwood.

Chairs at the Designersblock London 2012

Sep 2012
London Design Festival 2012

The chairs made by the Boding Milano 2 group of designers were exhibited at London Design Festival 2012 as part of the Designersblock show at Festival Village, Southbank.
My chair was placed center of front.

Lobby of Sitting Firm Chairmakers

Jul 2012
Visiting Sitting Firm Chairmakers

After the completion of Bodging project 2012, I visited the Windsor chair maker Sitting Firm Chairmakers in Birmingham. They are producing many kind of high quality Windsor chairs and Frame chairs.
I was introduced their way of Windsor chair making from Dave Green who is the director.

Bodging Milano 2012

Jul 2012
Bodging Milano 2012

I took part in Bodging Milano 2012 in response to the offer from Chris Eckersley.
It is a chair making project of the traditional approach of the UK, using only the green wood and hand tools in the woods of Herefordshire. I'll never forget the project all my life.

Subang Bench

Sep 2010
Winner : Blueprint Awards 100% Design London 2010

Our Bench got prize as "Most Promising New Talent" at Blueprint Awards 100% Design London 2010.

Exhibited 100% Design Exhibition London 2010

Sep 2010
Exhibited : 100% Design Exhibition London 2010

23/09/2010- 26/09/2010
Earls Court Exhibition Centre Hall2 / 109 Warwick Road London
Future / Stand : L111 Koji Katsuragi

Sculpture (Shape was influenced from the chair and sail)

Mar 2010
Koji Katsuragi Woodworking Exhibition 2010

03/03/2010- 23/03/2010 / pm13:00- pm18:00
Gallery K-House: Sengoku, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Photo: Sculpture (Shape was influenced from the chair and sail)

Chair Exhibition 2009 Kunitachi Tokyo

Mar 2009
Koji Katsuragi Chair Exhibition 2009

My second parsonal chair exhibition in Japan.
14/03/2009- 21/03/2009 / am11:00- pm18:00
Gallery Gaku: Higashi, Kunitachi-City, Tokyo, Japan

Chair Exhibition 2008 Shibuya Tokyo

Apr 2008
Koji Katsuragi Chair Exhibition 2008

My first parsonal chair exhibition in Japan.
07/04/2008- 13/04/2008 / pm12:00- pm19:00
Gallery 80: Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

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